Hardware ports in Solaris x86

Hardware ports in Solaris x86

Post by Dave A » Tue, 30 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone know how to write or read directly to a hardware port
(e.g. 3BCh, 3BDh, 3BEh, ...) in Solaris x86?

I know in Linux you use inb() and outb(), in DOS with a borland compiler
you can use inp() and outp(), and in DOS assembly you use "IN 3BDh,AL" and
"OUT 3BDh,AL".

I can find inb() and outb() in the section 9F man pages, but I can find
them in a library ...

Thanks in advance,

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Hardware ports in Solaris x86

Post by Rod Barm » Sat, 04 May 1996 04:00:00

>Does anyone know how to write or read directly to a hardware port
>(e.g. 3BCh, 3BDh, 3BEh, ...) in Solaris x86?

I wrote a tiny device driver that lets me do this.  It's slow but
flexible and works.  Email me if you want to know more.


University of British Columbia


1. Solaris x86 hardware driver!!!

Perhaps Im not the only one who thinks Solaris x86 is one of the best
Operating Systems for Personal Computer. And perhaps Im not the only one
who thinks that the only thing Solaris is missing is Support for actual
hardware. Whats with generic drivers for Vodoo Banshee, Vodoo 3, Permedia
Riva128, RivaTNT(-2), even if they are only supporting 2D, but allowing that
You can run CDE in more than 640x480 with 16 Colours? Whats with
PCI-Soundcards like the SoundBlaster 64PCI, the Soundblaster Live! and
others? Whats with ISDN-Hardware from AVM, Teles, US-Robotics/3Com, etc?

I know for a lot of this there are 3rd-Party-Solutions like the X-Server
from XiGraphics, but these often are more expensive than the OS itself. And
not everybody wants the hassle to get XFree86 to run on Solaris. Theres a
real need for drivers for actual hardware. So I got this idea:

1) When a (real) lot of Solaris x86-Users are writing to the Hardware
Manufacturers (3dfx, nVidia, 3DLabs, AVM, etc) and asking for Solaris
x86-drivers the manufacturers may begin to see that theres a market and
provide Solaris-Drivers for their hardware.

2) When the same lot of Solaris x86-Users write to Sun and ask for drivers
for actual hardware Sun may write them or co-operate with the hardware
manufacturer for driver development.

So I think that if everybody reading this and having time should write mails
to the hardware manufacturer and Sun and ask for Solaris x86-drivers for
e.g. a Riva128-Board, a 3COM ISDN-Card or other common hardware that Solaris
doesnt support (yet). If enough people are doing this perhaps there will be
a change...
Perhaps there are some sort of Solaris x86 User Groups that have a bit of
influence to hardware manufacturer so they even can force them to provide

Heres a short list of my prefered e-mail-addresses:

Here You can ask for Vodoo Banshee and Vodoo3-Drivers:

So, what are Your opinions? Do You know other manufacturers that should be
asked for drivers?


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