syslog not logging ! Help...

syslog not logging ! Help...

Post by Hennie Rautenba » Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Hi there,

We are running Solaris 2.3 on a Sun Sparc 20. The problem I'm having is that
syslog doesn't appear to be logging anything to /usr/adm/messages. I had a
look n the Solaris2.xFAQ. Mention is made there of Patch 101318-54. I'm
unable however to locate that patch. I had a look on in
the pub/patches directory.

I'm including the output of /etc/syslog.conf and of 'showrev -p'.

Any help or pointers will be much appreciated.

# Copyright (c) 1991-1993, by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
# syslog configuration file.
# This file is processed by m4 so be careful to quote (`') names
# that match m4 reserved words.  Also, within ifdef's, arguments
# containing commas must be quoted.
# Note: Have to exclude user from most lines so that user.alert
#       and user.emerg are not included, because old sendmails
#       will generate them for debugging information.  If you
#       have no 4.2BSD based systems doing network logging, you
#       can remove all the special cases for "user" logging.
*.err;kern.notice;auth.notice;user.none         /dev/console
*.err;kern.debug;daemon.notice;mail.crit;user.none      /var/adm/messages

*.alert;kern.err;daemon.err;user.none           operator
*.alert;user.none                               root

*.emerg;user.none                               *

# if a non-loghost machine chooses to have authentication messages
# sent to the loghost machine, un-comment out the following line:

# non-loghost machines will use the following lines to cause "user"
# log messages to be logged locally.
ifdef(`LOGHOST', ,
user.err                                        /dev/console
user.err                                        /var/adm/messages
user.alert                                      `root, operator'
user.emerg                                      *

Here is the output of showrev -p :

Patch: 101317-11  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWlpr.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=11, SUNWlpu.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=11, SUNWscpu.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=15
Patch: 101318-59  Obsoletes: 101294-02,101267-01,101326-01,101349-01,101319-02,101346-03,101485-01,101411-04,101672-01,101674-01,101316-02,101315-01,101329-16,101597-02,101869-01,101489-04,101859-01  Packages: SUNWarc.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=86, SUNWcar.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=80, SUNWcsr.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=135, SUNWcsu.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=191, SUNWdfb.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=54, SUNWhea.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=10, SUNWkvm.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=6, SUNWnisu.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH
=28, SUNWsxr.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=54
Patch: 101327-08  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsu.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=200
Patch: 101328-01  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsu.4 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=17
Patch: 101331-04  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsu.5 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=190
Patch: 101344-11  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsr.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=134, SUNWcsu.6 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=189
Patch: 101345-03  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWarc.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=62, SUNWcsu.7 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=128
Patch: 101347-02  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsr.4 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=127
Patch: 101362-21  Obsoletes: 101307-01 101457-01 101687-01 101593-02  Packages: SUNWowrqd.2 3.3.19,REV=,PATCH=95
Patch: 101378-09  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsr.5 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=133
Patch: 101384-05  Obsoletes: none  Packages: SUNWadmap.2 6.0.9,PATCH=5, SUNWadmfw.2 6.0.8,PATCH=5
Patch: 101406-01  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsr.6 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=26
Patch: 101409-03  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsu.8 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=76, SUNWtoo.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=3
Patch: 101493-01  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcg6.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=1
Patch: 101514-01  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWowrqd.3 3.3.19,REV=,PATCH=19
Patch: 101520-01  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsr.7 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=50
Patch: 101615-02  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsu.9 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=161, SUNWscpu.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=13
Patch: 101681-01  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsu.10 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=122
Patch: 101739-04  Obsoletes: 101371-04  Packages: SUNWcsu.11 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=184
Patch: 101318-70  Obsoletes: 101267-01,101294-02,101315-01,101316-02,101319-02,101326-01,101329-16,101344-11,101346-03,101349-01,101406-01,101411-04,101485-01,101500-04,101597-02,101637-01,101672-01,101674-01,101694-01,101831-01,101855-02,101859-01,101869-01,101881-01,102445-01  Packages: SUNWarc.4 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=100, SUNWcar.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=100, SUNWcsr.8 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=159, SUNWcsu.12 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=225, SUNWdfb.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=65, SUNWhea.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.1
8,PATCH=22, SUNWkvm.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=17, SUNWnisu.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=43, SUNWsxr.3 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=65
Patch: 101331-05  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsu.13 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=213
Patch: 101572-03  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsu.14 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=204
Patch: 101631-02  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcar.4 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=81, SUNWcsr.9 11.5.0,REV=2.0.19,PATCH=138
Patch: 101712-01  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWbnuu.2 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=2
Patch: 101734-03  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcar.5 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=89
Patch: 101739-07  Obsoletes: 101371-04  Packages: SUNWcsu.15 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=227
Patch: 101889-03  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWowrqd.4 3.3.19,REV=,PATCH=105
Patch: 102034-01  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsu.16 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=194
Patch: 102167-01  Obsoletes:   Packages: SUNWcsu.17 11.5.0,REV=2.0.18,PATCH=209


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syslog not logging ! Help...

Post by Casper H.S. Dik - Network Security Engine » Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:00:00

>Hi there,
>We are running Solaris 2.3 on a Sun Sparc 20. The problem I'm having is that
>syslog doesn't appear to be logging anything to /usr/adm/messages. I had a
>look n the Solaris2.xFAQ. Mention is made there of Patch 101318-54. I'm
>unable however to locate that patch. I had a look on in
>the pub/patches directory.

Does /var/adm/messages exist?  Have you installed /usr/ccs/bin/m4?



syslog not logging ! Help...

Post by Mark Koell » Fri, 28 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Make sure the package SUNWbtool is installed.  This package is not
installed with a core or end-user distribution.  You can do a pkgadd of
this package if it does not exist on the system.

Mark Koeller


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