rc2.d daemon won't start on bootup

rc2.d daemon won't start on bootup

Post by mos » Sun, 16 May 1999 04:00:00

i have a problem getting a file in my /etc/rc2.d directory to execute
at bootup.   i can manually execute the file and everything works
fine... but it WILL NOT execute on bootup...  the system is a sparc20
using solaris 2.6

here is the contents of the file called "S99filechk"  :

su - moss -c "cd /usr/moss; ./filecheck 7 >filecheck.err 2>&1 &"
echo "FileCheck daemon started"
echo ""

note: the number "7" in the file is a debug level that i am passing
into the program called "filecheck".

any help would be most appreciated.


1. LPRng/slackware 3.3, lpd won't start properly on bootup...

G'day all...

I'm wondering if anyone has had a problem like this...

I've got two machines running slackware 3.3, and have found that lpd doesn't
start properly on bootup on the print server machine.

For example: if I boot the machine with the printer on it, whilst LPD _is_
running, any attempt to print gives the following:

stubbsy /home/paul 13 > ps -aux | grep LPD
daemon     101  0.0  4.4  1412   676  ?  S   14:20   0:00 LPD          
stubbsy /home/paul 14 > lpr .cshrc
stubbsy /home/paul 15 > lpq

 Queue: 1 printable job
 Server: no server active

 Rank   Owner/ID                   Class Job  Files               Size Time    

Now, if I unspool the job, kill LPD, then restart it with /usr/sbin/lpd,
any prints after that work fine (ie, my printcap file is configured

Has anyone had a problem like this before? I didn't ever have any problems
with lpd back before slackware started supplying LPRng..




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