tshost binaries

tshost binaries

Post by Abou Youssef Co. for Knitwear and Trad » Tue, 06 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi everyone,

I have a shell account on a sun sparc20 Solaris 2.4 ,and I cannot compile
tshost (ultra twinsock host )because he access is denied ,can anyone
supply me with tshost binaries.

thanks in advance


1. looking to compile tshost (for Twinsock 2.0)


I'm running SCO Unix 3.2/4.2 and have got my hands on an archive of
Twinsock 2.0 (I've been using 1.4, with very good results).  This new
incarnation included scripting, 32-bit support, and (at least stated)
improvement in cpu utilization by the unix component, tshost.

Could someone, if you are reading this and have use of gcc or better, be
gracious enough to compile the unix source of the Twinsock 2.0 package for
tshost?  I shall probably never see the day when I have my own -- working
-- version of gcc (at least for SCO), so this would be a great favor.

I could e-mail you the source files and documentation if you need it.  I
found Twinsock 2.0 via http://cwsapps.texas.net/   in this "Critical
Winsock" section.


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