UniPack and 2.5 booting: cannot find misc/krtld

UniPack and 2.5 booting: cannot find misc/krtld

Post by Steve_Kilba » Fri, 23 Feb 1996 04:00:00

This is a good one. I've just installed Solaris 2.5 on a SPARCStation 2,
with 64MB RAM, and only one disk - an external 2.1GB Sun UniPack,
connected to the SS2's normal SCSI connector via the cable supplied
with the UniPack. Installation was fine, but when attempting to boot,
I get:

boot: cannot find misc/krtld

I've repeated the installation (Developer's package, with some additions
but nothing removed) several times, with the same result. The disk
produces the same effect on other SS2's, which have had the same
installation done onto their own (non-UniPack) external disks without

Naturally, I've mounted the disk after booting from CD-ROM;
/kernel/misc/krtld is there, and looks just like the one on the other
SS2s. The SS2 in question has a *newer* PROM rev. than the others,
but since they fail to boot from this disk anyway, I'm assuming it's
either the UniPack or the cable that's making the difference. However,
if anyone's got any other suggestions, I'd be grateful.


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Hi All!

We've just bought a 4gb external UniPack hard disk for our Solaris 2.5 system
(UltraSPARC 170), and I'm having problems setting it up.  Booting the machine,
it sees the disk (messages out of /var/adm/messages)

Aug  9 11:23:52 gainsun1 unix: sd3 at esp0: target 3 lun 0

Aug  9 11:23:52 gainsun1 unix:  <SUN4.2G cyl 3880 alt 2 hd 16 sec 135>

And I have the drive type defined in /etc/format.dat as per the product notes,
but when I go into format, the only drive option I'm given is the 2.1gb
internal drive that is already running.  

Is the 4.2GB drive already formatted for use with Solaris 2.5 out of the box?  
Or am I missing something else in the setup?

Any help would be appreciated!


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