Solarix 2.4 x86 Max Partition Size

Solarix 2.4 x86 Max Partition Size

Post by Mike Wa » Thu, 21 Sep 1995 04:00:00

        I'm thinking of purchasing a DPT PM-3224 PCI SCSI RAID adapter for
our heavily used news machine. The raid card/driver simulates one disk
device available to Solaris, in my case 4 4.3 gigabyte drives. Will
Solaris have any problems handling partition sizes this big? Thanks!

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1. nfs on Solarix 2.4 x86


with minimal docuementation I have solaris loaded on x86, I cannot
seem to get it to act as and NFS server, any points to what I missed
/did not do ?

When prompted  I set it up as a server, even though i suspect that
that has to do more with diskless clients.



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