NIS domain and DNS domain

NIS domain and DNS domain

Post by Jamie Thingelst » Sat, 25 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I want to make sure I'm correct on this... the NIS domain of a Solaris
machine is completely independent of its domain name(s) it is known by
in the DNS system, right?

I.e., if machine is named it doesn't have to be in NIS
domain right?

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  Setting up a test domain where the NIS+ domain is not the DNS domain,
(it appears as far as principles go, always use the NIS+ domain).

  Thus for the network comprising: (master)

  NIS+ domain == ""; I have the credentials  (`niscat cred`) :


  and one user:

to represent:

  eric:fq...sig:11476:100:Eric Berggren:/u/eric:/bin/csh:10176:-1:-1:-1:-1::0

  Which seems to work (except the occasional NIS+ fatal error: 19  brought
up in a previous article).

  Now trying to work with secure NFS.

  On :

share   -F nfs  -o sec=dh       /disk/cache/sekrat

  attempting to mount on

        # mount -o secure /mnt
        fsaddtomtab: stat /mnt: Invalid argument

unix: NOTICE: authdes_refresh: unable to encrypt conversation key for user (uid 0), rpc status 16

  in addition to :

unix: NOTICE: authdes_refresh: unable to encrypt conversation key for user (uid 11476), rpc status 16

(when going through automount) to syslog.

  running snoop on an adjacent host shows a number of NIS+ references : -> NIS+ C FindDir "com." -> NIS+ R FindDir [Not Found, no such name]

which are the only NIS+ calls made (among normal looking NFS calls,
with Auth=des)

  Manuals/FAQs state that merely setting the "secure" (or "sec=dh") option
on both endds is all that is needed under NIS+ as all the necessary
credentials exist.

  Relavent entries in nsswitch.conf contain:

        passwd:     files nisplus
        hosts:      dns files
        publickey:  nisplus

on all hosts (hosts map is _empty_).

  So what am i overlooking here ?


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