problem with users-> wu-ftp 2.4 on solaris

problem with users-> wu-ftp 2.4 on solaris

Post by Sanjay Pat » Tue, 09 Apr 1996 04:00:00


I am getting strange behavior with

I can't get old users to work consistently.
I have read the docs over and over.
It keeps giving me access denied.
I have added my legal shells to /etc/shells.
When I create new users, it seems to work fine.
But for existing users it doesn't seem to work (access denied).
Is there a file or something I should be modifying?
It seems to be ignoring my /etc/ftpusers.

thanks for any help



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Hi.  We compiled wu-ftp 2.4 on SUN 5.5/Solaris 2.5 and everything else
seems to work fine except ls.  I have read the man pages on ftpd and have
copied all the suggested shared librariies to the ~ftp/usr/lib directory.
 I also have the ls file in ~ftp/bin directory.  Also the filesystem
where ftp is not mounted with the suid option.  I have run out of things
to try to get ls to work.  Dir and ls -l work ok.  Any suggestion will be
greatly appreciated.


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