configuration management and provisioning solutions for solaris/linux/aix

configuration management and provisioning solutions for solaris/linux/aix

Post by <hms.con.. » Mon, 14 Nov 2005 14:30:44

Other than using CVS on the systems, what is a good system for configuration management
and provisioning across a few OS's (Solaris/Linux & AIX).  I'm thinking of looking
at cfengine some more.

Anyone have good experiences using cfendine to distribute pkg's and patches?


hal miller


1. Does EMC PowerPath interfere with provisioning all the time on solaris ?

Im using solaris 2.6 and 2.8 with PowerPath 3.0 installed on them. I
found that if I reconfigure PowerPath (using powercf, powermt), every
time I provision and release Symmetrix volume on the host, things run
fine. But, when I try to provision and release a particular volume
without reconfiguring PowerPath, the volume fails to appear on the
host after couple of iterations. It almost looks like PowerPath gets
confused and starts interfering with the operations. Does this mean
that PowerPath has to be reconfigured (for symmetrix volumes) as long
as its installed on the machine ?

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