Newby need help finding CDROM drive

Newby need help finding CDROM drive

Post by Peter Brook » Sat, 27 Mar 1999 04:00:00


Solaris 7 on a p200 intel box

Every time i try to open the cdrom the system hans for 30 seconds then
gives this error:

timeout, target=0 lun=0atapi_start_cmd: drive select failed
Can anyone tell me how to correct this.
The CDROM is a creative 24x model no CD2422E



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I need help with Linux. I've never used it before but haver managed a good
I'm using 6.2 and the KDE interface. I have two SCSI drives hooked up to the
system. One is the Linux drive and the other is blank.
I'd like to format the blank one as a HFS volume. I cannot find the icon for
the drive anywhere (can't see it & I've clicked every file icon I can find).

How do I format this second drive as a HFS drive? I've been told you can.


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