GUI Text Editor - New Release

GUI Text Editor - New Release

Post by Rohit Mehrot » Tue, 01 Mar 1994 02:45:04


I am pleased to announce the new version of Crisp - release 4.1.

For folks not familiar with it, Crisp is a BRIEF compatible text editor on
Unix and Windows platforms which by its power and ease of use set a
standard, that prompted Unix World to rate it as the 'editor to beat'.

Crisp 4.1 is a major milestone in the history of Crisp, in terms of the user
interface and powerful features. It can be safely stated that Crisp 4.1
now offers a true blend of an extremely intuitive user interface with a very
powerful feature set. Crisp 4.1 has the ease of use, usually associated with
Windows based word processor.

Version 4.1 has so many new features that it is difficult to list all of them.
Some of the main ones are listed below:

* Floating tool pallete bar with active icons for the commonly used functions
  this feature is really useful and has a delayed floating help making it
  extremely intuitive and user friendly.

* Completely configurable syntax sensitive colorized coding/viewing that lets
  one see keywords, strings, comments etc. in different colors, underlined,
  bolded etc. Support is provided for the following languages: Ada, Basic,
  C, C++, Cobol, Fortran, Lisp, Pascal, Shell, Verilog, Ingres-Win4gl,
  Sybase Transact SQL.

* X based peel off windows capable of maintaining file consistency.

* Brand new filter mechanism enabling users to pipe in the text in a buffer
  to an external filter [Database isql, awk etc] and have the results show
  up in another Crisp X window. This feature is the basis for integration
  of Crisp with external databases like Sybase/Oracle/Informix/Ingres etc.

* Completely configurable memory configuration management, including delayed
  file reading, source swapping, unlimited file size editing capabilty.

* Brand new file security mechanism. User is informed if the file being
  edited has been modified or deleted by any other process.

* Ability to change file formats [Unix-Dos-Binary] from within.

* Column overlays and sorting of the entire buffer on a columnar key from
  within Crisp.

For information regarding its availability, ordering information, and pricing
send a mail _detailing_ your needs to:

Available From:
                        1109 Meadow Creek Drive, #315
                        Irving, TX 75038, U.S.A
                        Ph:  +1 (214) 580-3448
                        Fax: +1 (214) 580-7649


1. xe - a simple text editor for X (New release v0.6)


Xenon 0.6 - (yet another) GUI X-based text editor.

- ------

    Xenon is a simple, small and fast X-based text editor. It is most
useful for editing plain text files with no fuss.

    Xenon does not use any GUI library for efficiency reasons. Unfortunately
this means some basic features one would expect from an X program are not
working yet.

Features include:
  * Speed, simplicity and low memory use.
  * Search, substring or regular expression (Linux only)
  * Unlimited undo/redo.
  * Display of line numbers.
  * Some X resource configuration: mostly command keys.
  * Man page!
  * Some error dialogs.
  * Multiple files in separate windows.

Limitations include (currently):
  * Non-proportional font only.
  * No macros.

Compiles on: Linux, SGI, probably most other UNIX implementations with g++.

Requires: C++ compiler (g++ or SGI compiler)

Copying: GPL

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|  \|/         \~/  |

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