IDPROM issues (IDPROM contents are invalid) etc - help please

IDPROM issues (IDPROM contents are invalid) etc - help please

Post by NS » Fri, 30 Jul 2004 21:13:33


a colleagues, Sun Solaris workstation has just had it's NVRAM replaced (last night) and was working fine, now this morning, I came in (workstation was switched off) and now it won't work, the following is displayed on the console:

The IDPROM contents are invalid

Warning IDprom checksum error

Invalid format code in IDprom

I've searched and results refer back to replace with new NVRAM, but how can this happen again as it was just replaced, I have also done a Stop-N after it boots up, still nothing.

Please help.

Thanks in advance..


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We have a Sparc20 that we powered down for the weekend
and won't come back to life.  When we power it on, we get
the folloing:

The IDPROM contents are invalid

<we get the one line booting from message>

Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP
Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP
Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP
ad nauseum.

Are we screwed?  The only other thing we noticed that seemed
odd, is that the ethernet address seemed to be out of range.
The ethernet address is printed at the top of the screen before
the boot cycle starts.  For this machine it starts 44:0:70.  
Every other Sun machine we have (8 machines of various types,
including 3 that should be identical to the one in question)
start 8:0:20.  It is hard to believe that the ethernet settings
could be corrupted.  They are totally separate from the NVRAM,

Am I correct in assuming that invalid IDPROM contents means something
happened to the NVRAM?  Is there any recovery mechanism?

Any help would be very greatly appreciated,


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