Xview font problems on Solaris 2.3

Xview font problems on Solaris 2.3

Post by Peter Qui » Thu, 23 Feb 1995 10:15:50

The example codes from O'Reilly Xview Version 3 that load fonts
for graphics applications (eg animate.c) fail with

        X Error of failed request : BadAtom (invalid Atom parameter)

  Has anyone see this before? Is there some changes in the font structs
or font handling within X11R5 that is inconsistent with XView 3?

        Peter Quinn


1. Solaris 2.3, asynchronous I/O and problems with the notify_set_input_func of XView

one of my programs which contains  asynchronous I/O handling installed with
the notify_set_input_func of XVIEW sometime hangs up notification on the
underlying TCP socket. The other part of the communication hangs in a write call
and the input_function set with notify_set_input_func isn't
called anymore. In the input_function a FIONREAD ioctl is used to read all
available input when called before it returns.
The same code runs well on 4.1.x (with some patches installed) but don't work on Solaris 2.3.
All important actual patches are installed (including 101318-54). I don't know whether this is a
bug on TCP/IP level, in the XVIEW Code or in signal handling or what else is wrong?
I didn't find this mentioned on the sunsolve cd, in the actual patch descriptions or in this newsgroup.

I'm really interested in a solution or workaround to this problem, because we need this program
running correctly on a Solaris 2.3 machine.

Thank you in advance


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