Mechanism of TCP/IP Socket Buffer Allocation under Solaris 2.5.x

Mechanism of TCP/IP Socket Buffer Allocation under Solaris 2.5.x

Post by Jamex Che » Sun, 01 Jun 1997 04:00:00

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Hello , Sir :

        Could you help me to find the documentation about :
" Mechanism of TCP/IP Socket Buffer Allocation under Solaris 2.5.x "
    Because I find some phenomenon about TCP/IP Socket Buffer Allocation

under Solaris 2.5.x .
1. Under Solaris 2.5.x , the Sender Side can sender the amount of data
or equal to the window size of the Receiver Size before the Sender
the ACK from the Receiver .
2. The Socket Buffer of Receiver Size will at least 4MSS and less than
about 64xxx .
3. No matter what value I use setsocketopt to set the  sender buffer
size ,
it can send the data larger than buffer size .

It's so amazing and confusing to me , could you help me to find the
answer ?
I need the answer to help my thesis of master degree .

Thanks for your regarding ,
Jamex Chen

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