Q: PGx32 (2)

Q: PGx32 (2)

Post by u126068.. » Sat, 21 Jul 2001 04:48:40

in cdrom i found the pkgs TSIpgx.u, TSIpgx.us , TSIpgxw and TSIpgxx.us.
which one is the right drive for PGx32 graphics cards if the system is
ultra10/solaris2.8. do i have to remove the m640 driver after installing
the PGx32 driver?.  what is the best resolution and color settings
for the PGx32?. what are its commands?.
#>isainfo -v
64-bit sparcv applications
32-bit sparc applications

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1. PGX32

i have a 1st gen ultra 10 as a home machine into which i'd
like to put in a PGX32 card.
at work i have an ultra 5 with a raptor card (24+8).  i think
the PGX32 will have the same functionality to deliver 24 bits
1280x1024 plus 8 bit overlay.

the pgx32 should be no problem to install and configure, right?

thanks for the advice.


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