Please help! Advice needed

Please help! Advice needed

Post by Harlan the Pissed off Pipste » Fri, 22 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I am posting this on behalf of a friend. Brian writes:

Briefly, our situation is this, we have a SUN Sparc 10 that has lost access
to its local file systems.  We suspect a hard drive
problem but we cannot verify b/c basically we don't know how.  Also, we have both
internal and external hard drives, and each of these is mirrored w/a backup.

My initial question would be, how can we identify which drive is in error (internal or
external), we know the file systems that are affected but we don't know on which drive
they reside.

Next if we can identify which drive is affected I'd want to know how we could swap the  
back-up drive w/the primary drive, is it strictly a matter of hardware (swapping
cables...etc) or is there also O/S cmds that are necessary to configure correctly.

Thanks a lot.


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1. Help. Need filesystem advice please.

Hi fellow Linux advocates.  Need some advice.

Useful info
Machine: Athlon 750 Mhz
Disk: IBM Deskstar 46 GB
OS : Linux Mandrake 8.1 with updates
Filesystem: ext3
Install Path: Fresh installation with format of existing partitions.
Previously had Mandrake 8.0

This has happened 3 maybe 4 times with two of them being quite
painful.  I use tune2fs to force an fsck on my disk on reboot.  It
tells me that the drive is in an inconsistent state and I might lose
data.  And we go through the fsck and it changes stuff.

I lost a tar file containing a pristine .tgz of Windows98 partition (I
still boot to that to watch DVDs occasionally, and when it louses
itself up -- I would roll it back using the tar file so I didn't have
to spend 10 hours reinstalling.  It tooks 3 minutes instead).

Anyway, that file was painful to lose.

Latest I lost some files in the kdelibs rpm package.  (something went
corrupted and so no kde program would run without immediately
crashing).  I tried to fix them by doing an rpm -Uvh -replacepkgs and
it gave me a wierd error that it couldn't unlink one of the associated
files -- even though it wasn't in use and I was root.  So I rebooted,
ran an fsck it said "you'll lose data" -- I said "ok" and it did it.
When the machine came back, I tried the rpm -Uvh --replacepkgs again
and it succeeded and I can run KDE programs again.

What gives?  I don't know every single thing to know about a file
system, but this is definately getting old and I definately have data
that I don't want to lose (needless to say I'll be backing it up to CD

I am planning on rebuilding this machine from scratch (I figured I'd
delay until Mandrake 8.2 comes out though because it's so close).
When I do should I bag ext3?  Has there been fixes made since the
release of Mandrake 8.1?  Should I go back to ext2 and live without
the Journal?

IBM's JFS is starting to look really good right now.  I know that
there are people out there who swear by ResierFS.

Please help me through this unreliability crisis.  :)


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