Profiling problems under SunOS 5.2

Profiling problems under SunOS 5.2

Post by Douglas C. Schmi » Mon, 27 Sep 1993 07:52:28


        I've been working on profiling some multi-threaded application
code written in C++.  I'm running into several problems and would be
interested to know whether anyone has any workarounds:

        1. Despite what the manual page claims, /usr/ccs/bin/prof
           does *not* seem to demangle C++ identifiers.  Moreover,
           it does not seem to accurately count function usage.

        2. /opt/SUNWspro/bin/gprof *does* correctly demangle names
           and seems to do a better job of counting function calls.
           However, then compiled with the -pg compiler switch,
           and run with all threads *bound*, the executable program
           keeps blocking indefinitely in a call to moncontrol()
           (i.e., moncontrol seems to get "stuck" somehow).

Has anyone else experienced these problems, and if so, are there any
workarounds and will SunOS 5.3 fix these problems?


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Any ideas or help would be appreciated.  Please email me.

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