Help! Porting DNet 2.32 to Solaris 2.2

Help! Porting DNet 2.32 to Solaris 2.2

Post by Tim Sta » Sat, 11 Sep 1993 03:43:21

: DNet has not been ported to any of the SYSV bastard versions of unix yet,
: to the best of my knowledge.  There is some pseudo-sysV support available,
: but I think it only works on Commodore's AMIX (RIP), and it relies heavily
: on compatibliity includes and libraries.
: >   My Unix system is SUN/SPARC with Solaris 2.2 operating system.

What a lazy person. There is a Solaris 2.2 porting book from Sun press
that give you port heavy BSD complaint applications to SYSV/POSIX easlier.
However there are BSD compitability includes and libraries in Solaris 2.2
but it is more slower than pure SYSV applications. I recommend that try
port to SYSV first before do them...

: You lose.   Talk your sysadmins into UPGRADING to sunos 4.1.

You are wrong. That is downgrading to sunos 4.1 from sunos 5.2. :)

I played with a port. I did them sucessfully now! I just put -L/usr/ucblib
and -I/usr/ucbinclude into each compilation. That is all.

-- Tim Stark


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        I'm noticing something curious with our Solaris 2.2 machines
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