does proxy arp not work in solaris 2.3 or 2.4?

does proxy arp not work in solaris 2.3 or 2.4?

Post by Andrew R. Tef » Sat, 25 Mar 1995 04:29:04

I have been trying to use proxy arp on my ppp connection. On the
solaris machine which is the ppp server, I do a

arp -s other_hostname my_ether_addr pub

but I always get other_hostname: no such device or address.
Including if I specify the ip address directly.

What's going on here?



1. HP C1533A DAT works on Solaris 2.3 but not 2.4 ?

I connected an HP C1533A DDS2 DAT drive to my sparc 1+ running Solaris 2.3.
It worked, but it was very slow.  I remembered hearing of this problem before
and trawled my comp.unix.solaris archives to find the following fix from
Kevin Jones of HP Peripherals:

  In /kernel/drv/st.conf

  tape-config-list =
      "HP      C1533A", "HP DDS2 4mm DAT", "HP-data2",
      "HP      HP35480A", "HP DDS-DC 4mm DAT", "HP-data1",
      "HP      HP35470A", "HP DDS 4mm DAT", "HP-data1",
      "HP      C1553A", "HP DDS2 4mm DATloader", "HP-data2";
  HP-data1 = 1,0x34,1024,0x19,3,0x00,0x13,0x03,2;
  HP-data2 = 1,0x34,1024,0x239,4,0x0,0x13,0x24,0x3,3;

  /* Note: block size is set to 1024 to avoid a kernel hang problem */
  /* Note: The space characters in the above strings are significant */

  and the switch settings are:

          1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8

          ON      ON      ON      ON      ON      OFF     OFF     OFF

  boot -r

It worked fine and I wrote a tape very quickly.

I then unplugged the drive, took it to another site, and plugged it into
a sparc 5 running Solaris 2.4, changed st.conf, rebooted, and tried to
read the tape.  It didn't work - the sparc 5 said

  Jun 28 16:22:29 cirrus unix:  Error for command 'read' Error Level:
  Jun 28 16:22:29 cirrus unix:  Fatal
  Jun 28 16:22:29 cirrus unix:  Requested Block 0, Error Block: 0
  Jun 28 16:22:29 cirrus unix:  Sense Key: No Additional Sense
  Jun 28 16:22:29 cirrus unix:  Incorrect Length Indicator Set

five times and gave up.  I checked the switches on the drive.  I installed
the latest 2.4 recommended patch cluster.  No joy.

In the end I gave up and connected the drive to a sparc2 running Solaris 2.3.
It worked perfectly.

Has anyone else seen this problem with Solaris 2.4?  And fixed it??

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