Bad disk?

Bad disk?

Post by Dave Johnso » Sat, 05 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I am getting intermittent read errors on two different sections
of my 4GB Baracuda wide scsi drive.  But when I try to use
format to look for the problems, nothing shows-up.  Has anyone
else seen this problem?

My configuration is as follows:
Solaris 2.5, on Intel
last ~3GB of the disk is used for Solaris
SCSI controller: Adaptec 2940
MB: Asus P6NP5 with 200MHz PP/256k secondary

Another confusion is with the details of the read errors I get:
In one case, "requested block: 6809068, Error block 6809168"
was on the first line of the error, then "cannot read
block 3077808" was on a later line of the same error.
what are these significantly different numbers, and why
does format only accept the 3077808 number as being in

Another funny thing is that the error claims that the
device vendor is "DEC", eventhough the drive clearly
has Seagate printed on the outside.  Could this mean the
chipset is from DEC?


1. bad disk???


We've got a Micropolis 1598 drive from Falcon on one of our SPARCstation 2
workstations and it is causing a problem. If I take the entries out of our
/etc/fstab file for the 2 filesystem partitions on the drive (one is swap and
the other is user data account area) the system seems to operate normally.
Even with the drive still in our SCSI chain we are able to access our Exabyte
drive o.k. (it is on the same SCSI bus).

However, if I put the entries back in the /etc/fstab file, the system grinds to
a halt. The disk in question is only 80% full, I can access the Exabyte and
execute all the system commands I tried but it is EXTREMELY slow and the CPU
is cycling at about 99.8% busy indefinitely.

I did a fsck on both filesystems on the drive. The data area showed no problems
at all, but, for some reason, the swap area went off for about 2.5 hours fixing
45,500+ incomplete inodes and such until I finally killed the fsck process with
a ^C. After the unsuccessful fsck on the swap partition I did a newfs on the swap
partition. I'm kinda at a loss on how to proceed further on my own. Are there any
public domain disk analysis programs for SunOS (4.1.3) or UNIX in general??
Does this problem sound familiar to anyone else? Am I missing something obvious?

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