process memory allocation

process memory allocation

Post by Jiong Wan » Mon, 08 May 2000 04:00:00


Does any unix guru out there know how to change the memory allocation
limit for a process? We are using a sun solaris machine, and once a
process get over 250MB, it complains about out of memory even though we
have 512MB physical memory.

Thanks very much,



1. Process/Memory Allocation Problems


        I've got a serious problem with a database application (AceDB) on a
SS10/Sol2.4 with 32Mb.  Whenever one of my users starts doing any
serious searching or works with a big data-set the program dumps with a
memory allocation error and tells me it can't create any new processes.

        No problemo, says I, and I start tweeking up maxusers.  Problem is, no
matter how high I set maxusers, max_nprocs, and/or maxuprc the thing
still crashes.  I've also tried playing with lotsfree to open up more
pages to no avail.  The same app runs like a dream on a SS20/Sol2.5 with
64Mb without needing any plugs in /etc/system.

        Is there something stupid I'm over-looking here?  Any help greatly


Dan Rohwer-Nutter
The University of Wisconsin
Department of Zoology

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