tar basics

tar basics

Post by Patrick M Cha » Wed, 12 Apr 1995 04:00:00

So after two years I finally got my QIC (6150) drive working. I touched
/reconfigure and then ran tapetool to see that it wanted to use /dev/rmt/0mb
and sure enough it was right. Should've bought the Sys Admin AnswerBook (or
at least a service contract of some kind -- Sun won't even talk to me!) a long
time ago.

So I do:

#tar -cv .

And that takes everything in the dir I'm in and dumps it to tape. Filemgr says
that it's about 230MB. Can anyone explain how I got 230MB onto a 150MB tape?

So what's the recommended backup procedure for a gig machine with one tape
drive? I can backup /opt, /u, and /usr/local by linking everything to /backup
and then tarring that dir to tape (tar -ch). What happens when I go past the
end of the tape? I'll try it tonight, but I was just curious what most people
were doing for basic periodic backups of non-critical data. Oh, BTW, we're
talking a SPARC IPX, 48MB RAM, 1G HD, Solaris 2.3, and your basic SCSI QIC
drive with some tapes I found in the ba*t.

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Hi, everybody:
I can't untar any .tar file.  I accidentally deleted my 'rmt0' in
the /dev directory. I made one by using mknod.
Now the message I get from trying untar something is:
        tar: can't open /dev/rmt0: No such device or address

Anyone has a clue, please give me some help.
Many thanks in advance.


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