boot tape

boot tape

Post by Samuel Adam » Tue, 19 May 1998 04:00:00


   Is it possible to boot a Solaris system off a tape, sort of the way you can
boot a PC off a floppy? Is there a way you can just hand a clueless person a
tape and (say an Ultra 2) and reasonably expect them to be able to load the
system? In other words, if there isn't away to just pop the tape in, turn the
computer on and watch it load; is there at least a way to put data on a tape in
such a way that a system can be booted from it on the simplest of instructions?
Thanks in advance.



1. Solaris 2.3 boot tapes?

I've checked the FAQ and found no clues, so:

Has anybody tried to build a boot tape (pick a format, any format)
for Solaris 2.3?

Has anyone succeeded?

Can anyone point me to a source of clues?

Many thanks in advance.


P.S.  You're probably wondering why anyone would want to do this.
      It's a long story...

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