vgatext console, 80x50, works!

vgatext console, 80x50, works!

Post by Philip Bro » Thu, 03 Jan 2002 06:37:18

I finally have a working 80x50 text console under solaris x86!
Now I just need two things:

- A true 8x8 font: I'm currently using "5x8.bdf", and forcing it to have
  8-pixel spacing. I need a free one in .bdf format

- A legal way to redistribute the changes I made to the
   "Solaris Foundation Source" stuff :-/

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1. console in 80x50 mode


Running OpenBSD 3.0.

Is it possible to setup the console screens in 80x50 during bootup?
I know I can delete the 80x25 screens (wsconscfg -d), e.g. in
rc.local, followed by wsfontload and wsconfcfg -t 80x50, but this
only works for screens 1 and up.  The boot screen itself, screen
0, is already in 80x25 mode then the boot messages are printed,
and unfortunately cannot be changed to 80x50 during bootup because
it is active.

What I would like to do is change the default mode to 80x50 before
the boot messages start.  Is this possible, and if so, how?

Appreciating your help,

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