windows customization

windows customization

Post by & Maassen van den Bri » Sat, 13 May 1995 04:00:00

Recently, Solaris 2.4 was installed from scratch on my Sparcstation, which
previously ran twm on top of a generic X11R5 and SunOS 4.1.3. I'm now trying to
configure the system to my taste, and ran across the following questions.

*At the moment, to get the proper local time on my clock I have to select the
time zone GMT-3, whereas it should be MET in the Netherlands, I believe. This
is really something which my system manager should get fixed, but has anyone
a tip on how to install the clock properly?

*When I start textedit, cmdtool etc. from the command prompt I get the message
`/usr/bin/mach: Command not found' (mach appears to be in /usr/ucb), after
which the start-up script terminates. At the moment I aliased the commands to
the binaries, just as is done in the default root menu. This works OK, but why
aren't things working in the standard setup?

*When I start up a shelltool the term variable gets the value sun-cmd. Isn't
this the proper value only for a cmdtool, whereas it should be sun for
shelltool? Computers from other vendors never know what to do with sun-cmd.

*When I run DeskSet applications alongside programs running on non-SUN
workstations with mwm installed, the behaviour of copy-paste is a * mix of
OpenWindows (with the copy and paste keys) and mwm (left mouse button selects
and copies, middle button pastes) styles. Is there a simple way to improve

*I do not manage to give custom icons to closed applications for which this was
no problem under twm. Why doesn't specifying the Icon.Pixmap resource work for

*Why has the `full size' option in the window menu been made to work like `full
height'? For instance for the clock this is really silly. Can I work around

*Can I make an item in my workspace menu which first executes a shell command,
and then the olwm command EXIT? This was no problem under twm!

*Although my system manager reportedly installed everything on the Solaris CD,
the /usr/demo and /usr/games directories are all but empty. Is one supposed to
pay for the contents, or, if not, how can I obtain them from the CD or

*The command tool does not cooperate well with the tcsh, which is my default:
both programs interpret cursor keys in incompatible ways. I can start a
`cmdtool -program /bin/(c)sh', but then I lose e.g. file name completion.
At the moment, if I want both a tcsh and a scroll-bar I must resort to the
generic xterm (which by the way has this scroll-bar inconveniently placed on
the left side), and thus lose the edit facility.

*My home directory is on an IBM workstation named string. When starting up the
file manager I repeatedly get the message `string: RPC: Program not registered'
in my console window. Why are there RPC-calls to string? This machine should be
only an NFS server.

As I am not a frequent reader of this newsgroup, please send any answers you

Alec Maassen van den Brink


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