Sendmail 8.6.12: using /etc/hosts to send to domainless hosts

Sendmail 8.6.12: using /etc/hosts to send to domainless hosts

Post by Mike Batchel » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

This may be a dumb question, but here goes anyway....

I have a situation where I need to send mail to another net (over an ISDN
link) which is not under my control.  This other network is using the
/etc/hosts file, and is not using DNS or NIS at all.  So they have no
domain of any kind, just hostnames and IP addresses.

The network I am helping with, on which I have installed the latest BIND
and sendmail v8.6.12, is running Solaris 2.4 on the mailhost and the
backup, and the DNS has MX records for all other hosts to these two
systems.  The Sun-supplied sendmail has no problem finding the other net's
domain-less hosts in /etc/hosts, and I do have /etc/nsswitch.conf setup
correctly, and all other applications but sendmail v8 can find those
domainless hosts.  What have I missed?  I didn't compile sendmail v8 with
NIS enabled, since we don't use it.  Do I need to do this, or is there
some other trick I don't know about?


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1. sendmail 8.6.12, nsswitch.conf, and /etc/hosts

I've searched the FAQ's that I can find and haven't found a solution to this
problem.  Maybe someone else has already solved it...

1) solaris 2.4 and Sun's C compiler
2) sendmail 8.6.12
3) nsswitch.conf with "hosts: files dns"
4) /etc/hosts with
    "xx.xx.xx.xx lachesis"
    "xx.xx.xx.xx clotho (not in dns)"

All of Sun's utilities, telnet and rlogin, can find clotho from
lachesis no problem.  But 8.6.12 sendmail fails with "Host unknown
(Name server:  clotho: host not found)".  Any ideas?  Thanks for any help or
information you can provide.


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