Company Locations

Company Locations

Post by Maureen McKe » Thu, 22 Sep 1994 07:46:35

I am a Research Editor at
SunExpert Magazine and am
having a difficult time
locating the following
-Cirrus Logic

Any help with addresses or phone
numbers for these companies would
be greatly appreciated.

Maureen McKeon
SunExpert Magazine

Phone: (617) 738-3401


1. info/discussions about co-location companies

If I'm in the wrong newsgroup, sorry, care to point me to the right one?
I'm setting up a web hosting server, and I need my server physically located
in New York.
Could anyone point me to any co-location companies in the New York area that
are connected to a T3 or higher??

Thank you!

William R. Ottley



urgent message? send me via cell phone:

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