SUMMARY: RAM disk/partition for Solaris 2.5?

SUMMARY: RAM disk/partition for Solaris 2.5?

Post by Gary Goldbe » Sat, 29 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Thanks to Jim Davis, Brian Wilson and Casper.

1. Solaris will cache some files in memory automatically if they are
accessed often enough -- it's apparently the way it works.

2. Solaris offers a tmpfs file system which uses swap to make a RAM disk.
I've set this up, with the 50 files copied in at boot time, and it works
great. See man tmpfs(7FS).

: RAM disk type solution for SPARC/X86 Solaris 2.5?
: I have approximately 50 files (total 1.5MB) which are accessed 3 million
: times/month. It would seem if I could cache those files in RAM it would
: speed up response immensely and save disk wear/tear. Any advice? -Gary

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