Solaris/x86 features/3rd-party software questions

Solaris/x86 features/3rd-party software questions

Post by David C. Nie » Wed, 22 Dec 1993 06:52:46

I need to determine the availability of certain features for Solaris/x86:

1)      Is it going to support multiple processors in 2.4 (in the spring?)?

2)      Is there any product that provides disk mirroring under Solaris/x86?
        I know on SPARC there is Online:Disksuite.

3)      Is there a product to check for and remove viruses?  I know this
        sounds stupid, but it's a requirement...I know on SPARC there is
        RAXCO (3rd party).

4)      Is Oracle available for Solaris/x86?

5)      Are multiple simultaneous Ethernet interfaces supported?

Thanks, please E-Mail:


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