Anyone has a compiled INN? (Sol 2.4

Anyone has a compiled INN? (Sol 2.4

Post by Mikael Hu » Sat, 04 Feb 1995 11:01:34

Hi there,

Anyone has a compiled INN that I can get?

Im having tonnes of problems compiling under Solaris 2.4 with GCC 2.6.3.

Think the error is concerning tm_gmtget, and I cannot spot anything
humanly understandable to me that could correct it.

PLEASE help me out if possible.


        Mikael Hugo


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I'm trying to get two solaris 2.4 x86 machines to talk to each other
using a serial connection (null modem cable).

Having perused the aspppd man page I am left none the wiser as to
how I can accomplish this.

I have set ppp up successfully, so can I make use of /etc/ and
ifconfig to get the machines talking ?

I'm running the vanilla ppp supplied with solaris, is it possible to
use this, or do I need morningstar ?

Can someone point me in the right direction ?



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