Solaris 2.2: incoming/outgoing connections hanging?

Solaris 2.2: incoming/outgoing connections hanging?

Post by Ken Y » Fri, 18 Jun 1993 21:51:29

Has anyone seen this behavior caused by a user level program?

We have an application that uses sockets quite a bit.  After running
it, the Sparc Classic running Solaris 2.2 can't be telnet'd out of
or into.  The telnet seems to work, but the login prompt doesn't come
up.  Ditto for rsh/rlogin.  The application is also hung.

I can log into the SC and do "ps".  I tried kill -HUP and kill -9'ing
the inetd process, but it refuses to die.  When I do a
"telnet localhost", it doesn't even get to the connected prompt from
telnet (just says "trying"...).  The only way to correct this is to

I've tried applying patch 101014-02 (the only rlogin related patch
in the ftp archive) and recompiling but it doesn't seem to help; we
also don't get the symptoms of the bug this patch fixes.