Solaris 2.3 and Pcomm

Solaris 2.3 and Pcomm

Post by Bob Atki » Thu, 13 Jan 1994 13:51:32

: I'm having trouble getting pcomm, the telecommunications program, to work on my
: sparc 1+ under Solaris 2.3.  The program builds without complaint and
: seems to run okay; it dials the phone and connects properly.  However, after I
: get the remote system's login prompt and try to type a character, the
: process locks up.  On two or three occasions the whole system has locked
: up tight and I have to cycle power.

: I should add that uucp works over the same line with no problem; uucico,
: cu and tip have no problem dialing out, and users are able to dial in.

: Isn't locking up the system a little unusual ?  Has anyone else experienced

I wish I could count the number of times my system (Solaris 2.2) has locked up
during serial I/O. Crappy serial drivers thats all I can say. If you don't
have flow control setup right you'll kill the system everytime, its just
a matter of when.

When are software engineers going to learn how to deal with com hardware???

: this kind of problem, or, better yet, gotten around it ?  Are there any
: other character-based programs for this environment that provide this
: kind of functionality (interactive login and up/downloads) ?  By the way,
: I'm working with pcomm version 2.0.2.

:       thanks - dmt

Bob Atkins


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