I'm taking the Solaris 2.6 exam in two weeks

I'm taking the Solaris 2.6 exam in two weeks

Post by Me » Sat, 16 May 1998 04:00:00

This is the first one in the series.

Anyone out there taken the 2.6 exams yet ?

I really appreciate if you would relate your experience, either in
this forum or via email.

Thank you

ML Starkey

ML Starkey

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1. Taking the Solaris 8 part 1 exam this week (UK)

First, avoid the boson practice exams. There are loads of questions about
printing / cron that aren't part of the exam objectives. It looks as though
they have added a few Solaris 8 questions to their Solaris 7 questions
database. I intend to ask for my money back.

I've read the Osbourne / Syngress book (isbn 0-07-212369-9) and it seems to
have comprehensively covered the exam objectives.

I've read the cramsessions 'exam cram' but this seems a little basic to be
considered decent preparation.

For my other certifications (microsoft / cisco) I've always devoted the last
few days of study to the Bosun / Transcender practice exams. Having been
sorely let down by Bosun and with Transcender not providing Sun practice
exams, I'm not sure what my final preparation should be. I don't know anyone
who's taken the exam and there isn't a sun certification ng to read, so If
anyone can offer any last minute tips or advice I'd appreciate it.



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