not enough to colors to run 8 bit app on PGX32

not enough to colors to run 8 bit app on PGX32

Post by maxwell.. » Tue, 23 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I have a meteorological data display app that is a legacy 8-bit
app.  It has a command line start that checks to see how many
colors it has available, before it tried to start.  It needs
177, and only finds 140 available.  This is with only a web server,
normal processes, some weather decoders running.  No other GUI
-type things except CDE/XSun.  It worked fine two weeks ago
and I have not changed anything on the machine.

I am running Solaris 7 on an Ultrasparc 333 clone with a Sun
PGX32 frame buffer in 8/24 bit mode.  Netscape runs fine
in 24-bit mode.  FYI about a month ago I tried to apply
the PGX32 patch, but it would not install as it could
not find the PGX32 stuff in /kernel.....  The Raptor
install put it in /opt.

Any ideas?  I have done numerous ps -eaf and I can't find anyhting
extraneous running.

Thanks in advance,
Robert Mullenax

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not enough to colors to run 8 bit app on PGX32

Post by maxwell.. » Tue, 23 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Well..the problem was a StarOffice icon that was not visible
but had a .dt and .fp file.  I removed those and its fine.
Sorry for the post.

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