PCMCIA 3COM 3C509B on 2.4 X86

PCMCIA 3COM 3C509B on 2.4 X86

Post by Dr Ivan S. Bisho » Thu, 08 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Just to let anyone who was wondering know that I have successfully
installed the DU6 pcmcia drivers on Solaris 2.4X86 running on a Toshiba

The procedure I used was:
        [1] 2.4 X86 running
        [2] Installed the 'JUMBO kernel patch' (took a WHILE!)
        [3] Installed all the other recommended patches
        [4] rebooted
        [5] Put the PCMCIA modem (US robotics dual standard V34) in
        [6] Put the 3COM 3C509B PCMCIA etherlink III card in
        [7] Installed the pcmcia drivers from  diskette
        [8] Installed the driver update distribution diskette

This last step (8) was CRUCIAL. If I didn't do this, the modem was
recognised at boot or hot swap, but if the ethernet card was in at
boot or hot inserted I got 'BAD TRAP...crash'.

From what I gather, there are driver components on the driver update
distribution diskette that the PCMCIA stuff needs. SO, install it!!!

I was able to edit nsswitch.conf and resolv.conf, create an
/etc/hostname.pcelx0 file and get NFS and DNS working in minutes.
Performance looks stable and quick.

My PCMCIA ATA (Caluna 105M disk) had its CIS info read, but couldn't
be driven.

Hope that we see SCSI drivers for PCMCIA (Adaptec? Bus Toaster?) SOON
as possible so that I don't back up via trantor anymore! Of course
I could always connect to the lan now......

Well done guys for the drivers!

Dr Ivan S. Bishop