nscd (mis)configuration linked to server "lock up" ?

nscd (mis)configuration linked to server "lock up" ?

Post by Eric Luyt » Thu, 27 Nov 1997 04:00:00

We operate a four-processor Ultra Enterprise 4000 with 1 GB of
central memory and several thousand users (interactive login,
POP3 service, WWW proxy).
User applications and services (daemons) experience random
"lock ups" of 10 to 30 seconds apparently linked to resolver
routine calls. The computer does *NOT* rund named.

Is nscd to blaim (or to reconfigure) ?

nscd -g :

hosts cache:

       Yes  cache is enabled
   1874035  cache hits on positive entries
      2780  cache hits on negative entries
    215158  cache misses on positive entries
     50551  cache misses on negative entries
        87% cache hit rate
     16850  queries deferred
     57889  total entries
       211  suggested size

nscd.conf man page suggests upping the hash bucket table size
when the number of cache entries exceeds the suggested size by
more than a factor of four or five.

[That's 'factor' and NOT 'order of magnitude', right ?]

Eric Luyten, VUB/ULB Computing Centre.