rquotad problem

rquotad problem

Post by Kay-Uwe Loebe » Wed, 05 Feb 2003 23:31:19


for some weeks I get the error message

"warning: can't get client address: Buffer not large enough"

from rquotad, possibly after installation of recommended patches
for Solaris 8, later for Solaris 7, too.

The error occurs only if the server's /usr/lib/nfs/rquotad
(started by inetd) yet doesn't run. "quota -v" on the client
system brings then only the table head, starts however rquotad.
Subsequent quota calls are ok - up to the timeout of rquotad.


Kay-Uwe Loebel
University of Technology Chemnitz
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology


1. rquotad (NFS+Quota) Problem

Hi world,

here's a little problem, looking easy but getting me mad:

Short version:
A NFS client successfully gets quota information from the NFS server
using "quota", but a user can still exceed his limits on the client.

Long version:
Two machines: One NFS server, one NFS client. Connectivity is fine,
normal operation works (mounting, writing, locking, portmapping etc.).
On NFS server, the rquotad daemon runs, that serves information about
quota limits. On the client it is possible to get a users' quota limit
information using  "quota -u $user". But, a user can still exceed his
limits on the client. On the server, the disk space limitation works.

The client is not configured to use quotas locally (which is good),
kernel based quota support is enabled on the server and the client.

I couldn't find any helpful documentation related to my problem int
the net, except of installation steps...

I would appreciate any help ...


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