multi-homed hosts in /etc/hosts, NIS and DNS

multi-homed hosts in /etc/hosts, NIS and DNS

Post by Paul Burr » Tue, 23 Dec 1997 04:00:00

What is the proper way to define multi-homed hosts when using NIS?

When using DNS, I have always advocated using a single host name
and multiple A records and left it up to the client's resolver
library to sort the addresses appropriately with a sortlist
directive in /etc/resolv.conf.
 ie.    sunhost         IN      A
                        IN      A

I recently learned by accident that NIS also supports multi-homed

ie.         sunhost         sunhost

After a little experimentation it looks like the NIS
resolver library will return an address on the client's subnet or
a random address.  But it only ever seems to return one address
in the h_addr_list array in the hostent structure.

Now, my questions are:
1. Exactly how is this supposed to be used?
2. Do people use this?  I've *never* seen it used.
3. Are you supposed to have a unique primary name or alias for each



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1. /etc/hosts (or NIS host map): official-host-name vs nicknames

I am setting up a couple of NIS domains on the same physical LAN.  Will not
be using DNS or
connecting to the internet.  Can someone explain to me:

1) What the official-host-name is? Is it hostname or hostname | domainname?
What are the pros
and cons of using just the hostname for the official-host-name?  What are
the pros and cons
of using hostname | domainname as the official-host-name?

2)  How is the official-host-name entry treated differently then the aliases
Do certain applications or os components use the official-host-name entry
while others
use the aliases entries?


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