Using different IP Names for different Unix apps.

Using different IP Names for different Unix apps.

Post by Thomas Richard Stevens » Sun, 12 Feb 1995 02:53:36

We have a Unix box called which has the following alias
names:,, and (it may have
others in the future). Each alias is for a server we plan on supporting. This way,
if we move the server to another machine, we just redefine the alias to the
different machine, and no one has a new address to learn. I know we're not the
first to think of this! The problem is that all of these servers (gopher, news, www)
have function that allow users to mail information. When that happens, the From
field always says, and not the alias name provided for that service.
Is there any way of forcing a server to use a ip name other than the real machine
name? i.e. we would like mail sent out from the gopher server to have name, from the news server to be, and from www
server to be (all from the same machine
Any ideas? Thanks!

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