Solaris 8 on Netra T1 AC200

Solaris 8 on Netra T1 AC200

Post by Torkel Mathise » Fri, 26 Oct 2001 00:31:09

Do I need to have a spesial version of Solaris 8 for install on a
Netra T1 AC200 box?



1. Can the Netra t1 AC200 take four 512 MB DIMMs for 2 GB RAM?

I realize that Sun only certified it for 1 GB of RAM, but that model has
not been sold in a few years. So I don't really care about hardware

I'm just more curious if it has worked for anyone with 4 512 MB DIMMs?

I saw Kingston 512 MB DIMMs for the AC200 being sold, so I figure it can
take 512 MB DIMMs but I'm not sure if I can use only 2 DIMMs in or if I
can do it with 4.


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