x86 Solaris jumpstart oddity

x86 Solaris jumpstart oddity

Post by Matt » Sat, 04 Jun 2005 09:06:24


I just finished configuring our jumpstart server to handle x86 clients,
but for some reason the output is getting sent to a dtterm window
running inside a windowing environment. The Xserver fires up directly
after the following messages are displayed:

Using sysid configuration file  /sysidcfg
Search complete

Proposed  Window System Configuration For Installation:

[ ... ]

Discovering additional network configurations...

[ Xserver starts and displays the status in a dtterm ]

Is there a bootenv.rc or sysidcfg parameter to force output to the
console? I checked the documentation on docs.sun.com,  and reviewed the
x86 client jumpstart blue print, but have been unable to find a setting
to change this behavior.

Thanks for any insight,
- Ryan


1. S10/x86 and jumpstart oddity.

Here's something intersting

I'm jumping a bunch of V20zs with s10. I have a generic begin script
that I use across all platform (sparc, i86pc) and Solaris versions.
Jumping these V20zs, however, represents my first use of it on i86pc.

Many of the variables I use within the begin script are populated with
the output of a command (eg: META_SIZE=`echo 3*8192|bc`)

The problem is that when this begin script is ran by jumpstart,
variables that are populated with the stdout from a command, such as in
the example given above, are coming up with null data. Blank, empty...
not populated.

This same begin script works fine on s9/sparc jumps. It's using
/sbin/sh. I'm perplexed.


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