Netscape server

Netscape server

Post by Kumar » Fri, 05 Jan 2001 04:58:00

Would anyone happen to know what the following error means and how serious
it might be? The platform is Solaris 2.6 on Sparc ( fully patched up) and
Netscape Enterprise Server 3.63 ( 128-bit - Worldwide edition)
The version conflict is what concerns me.

[03/Jan/2001:08:28:35] info (  849): successful server startup
[03/Jan/2001:08:28:35] info (  849): Netscape-Enterprise/3.6 SP3 B99.280.0054
[03/Jan/2001:08:28:35] verbose (  849): Netscape executable and shared
library h
ave different versions
[03/Jan/2001:08:28:35] verbose (  849):    executable version is
rise/3.6 SP3
[03/Jan/2001:08:28:35] verbose (  849):    shared library version is
[03/Jan/2001:08:28:38] info (  849): wriorProcessInit reports: RMProxy IOR
trap Service initialized
[03/Jan/2001:08:28:40] verbose (  849): dstats: Using slotbase = 0 start =
0 end
 = 1024 last = 0 slots pid = 849

Thanks for any advice



1. Apache Server V Netscape Server

Hi Everyone,

I have the following shell script which does what I want with the Netscape
server but doesn't with the Apache server, Is there anyway around this?!..

What the netscape server does is stream the output from the shell script
so it doesn't look to the user that nothing is happening i.e:

Here is the script:

echo "Content type: text/html"
echo "<HEAD><TITLE>Making Changes</TITLE></HEAD><BODY
echo "Started at `date`"


echo "Finished at `date`"

On the netscape server the output on the screen shows what time the
changes were made, then it runs the program and updates the web browser
with output from the program, before finishing off with the line that the
program has finished. (This at least informs the user that something is
happening) - Where as on the Apache server nothing happens until the job
has finished TOTALLY and then the full output appears on the users
screen! - Is there a way round this so you can force the server to update
the users display?!?!

Please... Any information as to make the ouput "streamed" can you email

Thanks alot,


P.S The streamed output on the Netscape server doesn't work if the
browser you are using is the Microsoft Explorer but it does work if you
are using Netscape as a Browser, where as the streamed output works with
no browser on the Apache Server!


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