Hangnig mounts problem

Hangnig mounts problem

Post by THOMAS WILLIAM LUCA » Thu, 29 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Does anybody know a way around the following problem....

When a machine has NFS mounts and the remote machine goes down
many programs such as the C-shell (not the bash shell) try to
stat or lstat the directories below it, I suppose to find out
the current path. The problem is that when it tries to stat
the remote mount it hangs waiting for the remote machine to
respond. There are a number of questions....

Is there a way to stop programs like the Cshell doing this?
Is there a way to umount the unresponsive mount without killing
all processes associated with that directory or rebooting the
Can the umount be forced?
If the directory is automounted, can the automounter do this

This problem of statting unnecessarily is also annoying because
I think it probably stops the directory being unmounted automatically
when not being used, because if it gets statted then I would have
thought that it would reset the automount timeout of a mount.


    Thomas Lucas - Systems Support/Computer Officer.
    Computer Science Department, University of Wales, Aberystwyth.


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This _should_ be handled OK by the kernel simply by not mounting the
filesystem the second time.  If you try and mount it a second time it
_should_ just do a "bind" mount instead of a real mount, I think.

<stating the obvious>
Rather than mounting the device to try and see if it is already
mounted, use /proc/mounts or /etc/mtab or "df" or "mount" output
instead.  Doctor, it hurts when I do this... ;-).
</stating the obvious>

Granted, this does appear to be a bug so the above will only work
around it and not fix it.  Al Viro is the one to pester about it.
Hopefully he will see this email and reply (== fix the problem).

The 2.4.10 kernel is a bad one to use for several reasons, don't use it.

Cheers, Andreas

PS - nice bug report, if only all of them were this useful.
Andreas Dilger

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