ANNOUNCE: update to USB wheel mouse driver

ANNOUNCE: update to USB wheel mouse driver

Post by Toomas Soom » Wed, 31 Mar 2004 22:50:46


as I'm unable to send this data to Phil for update, I'll
announce it there, sorry.

V2.1 update of usbsm driver for solaris express (b52) is located at

I hope it will find it's place at Phil's web once again:)

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1. ANNOUNCE: update to USB wheel mouse driver

I am happy to announce an update to my USB scrollwheel mouse driver.
It now allows for more fine tuning on "troublesome" mice.

If you have previously tried it, and it did not work for you, you may want
to try again now, and adjust the "packetoffset" conf value to see if you
can now use it.

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