bsm pr audit under solaris 8

bsm pr audit under solaris 8

Post by Jay Slagl » Sat, 19 May 2001 00:20:57

Anyone have a program that makes pretty reports for
auditing rather than using praudit?


Jay Slagle


1. BSM, Solaris 8 and auditing changes to /etc/shadow

Platforms:  sun4u, sun4m
OS: Solaris 8 [Solaris 7 and Solaris 9 would be help as well]

I have a requirement to check for user password updates (not the
actual passwords, just that a user updated their password).  All
users on these systems have password expiration configured.  Now,
users login via the console (non-graphical) and fire up their
X server of choice.  I ran into an anomily where if a users passwd
expires and the user if forced to set a new password at login time
(on the console) I cannot see the sucessfull password update in
the audit trail.  I then though I might be able to track changes
to file /etc/shadow, but here again I've run into some strange
behaviour...  On sun4u platforms I might be able to track
unlink(2) and link(2), but I was not able to see these on sun4m
machines (I set all flags simply for testing).

Q:  Is there a way to track password updates during the login
process on the console in the audit trail?  If so, how?  I assume
this has to do with

Any help appreciated...

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