Problems with on-line manual pages

Problems with on-line manual pages

Post by Lasitha Leelase » Fri, 08 Jul 1994 02:28:53

I am having problems reading the on-line manual pages. I can read man
pages in sections, but not in sub-sections. For example, I can read pages
in man3, but not in man3c.

I have MANSECTS and MANPATH setup as below:

A sample output:
$ man fopen
No manual entry for fopen.

$ cd /usr/man/man3s
$ ls -l fopen*
-r-xr-xr-x  1 bin          4951 Oct 20  1992 fopen.3s*

The OS is Solaris 2.1. Any ideas?. Thanks for any help.


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Problems with on-line manual pages

Post by Thomas Masl » Fri, 08 Jul 1994 03:36:36

>I have MANSECTS and MANPATH setup as below:

The SVR4 version of 'man' has, for better or worse, folded MANSECTS into the
MANPATH environment variable.  The manual page for 'man' has this to say:

     MANPATH        A colon-separated list of  directories;  each
                    directory   can   be  followed  by  a  comma-
                    separated list  of  sections.   If  set,  its
                    value overrides /usr/share/man as the default
                    directory search path, and the file as
                    the default section search path.  The -M and
                    -s flags, in turn, override these values.)

Note that this also means that pathnames should not contain commas, or
you'll get quite mysterious results.


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Thomas Maslen


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