Q: shared libraries, modified search order

Q: shared libraries, modified search order

Post by Rod Eva » Wed, 01 Feb 1995 08:27:52

Quote:> Consider the following:

> main.c                      libY.so                   libZ.so

>                             built from foo.c          built from frotz.c
>                             and bar.c

> defines quux(), frotz()     foo.c defines quux()      frotz.c defines frotz()  
> and main()                  and foo()        

> main() calls foo()          foo() calls bar()
> and quux()
>                             bar.c defines bar()

>                             bar() calls quux(),
>                             and frotz()

> libY.so is built with -B symbolic so that the quux() called from bar()
> is the one in foo.o and not in main.  But when main() itself calls
> quux() the one in main.c is called.  So far this is what I want.

> But I also want the frotz() called from bar() to be the one i libZ.so.
> Can this be done?

How about having bar in libY.so dlopen() libZ.so, and then obtain frotz() via

Quote:> I'm using Solaris 2.3 and SPARCcompiler 3.0.  I've experimented with
> LD_PRELOAD but it didn't seem to help.

The runtime linker has a very simple mechanism for locating symbols associated
with global relocations: it looks in the application, and then in each of its
dependant shared objects (in the same order as ldd(1) shows).  The reason the
-Bsymbolic build of libY.so changes its binding of quux() is because the binding
is actually satisfied and constructed at link-edit time, thus the runtime linker
doesn't even get involved.

The dlopen() namespace gets a little more involved, as it's implemented to
maintain separate relationships between different dlopen() heirachies. See
the Linker and Libraries Manual, Chapter 3, Section ``Adding Additional
Objects'' for a pictorial discription of dlopen() bindings.

I'd be carefull of polluting the namespace with too many multiple symbol
definitions ... it can lead to confusion, and be hard to persuade a de*
what symbol you really want to set a break point on :-)



1. Search order for shared libraries (ld-linux.so and ldconfig)


Two questions about the search order for shared libraries, one to do
with run-time name resolution, and one to do with ldconfig.


According to ld.so(8) man page the dynamic linker searches for shared
libraries in the following order

1. Dirs listed in LD_LIBRARY_PATH

2. Libraries listed in /etc/ld.so.cache

3. /usr/lib AND THEN /lib

My tests (SuSE 6.4, kernel 2.2.14, glibc 2.1.3) indicate that the last
of these is wrong - that is, /lib is searched before /usr/lib.  (Using
the dlopen() API, unsurprisingly, gives the same results)

Am I seeing a configuration issue or a documentation bug?  A couple of
things make me think the latter.  One is that the linker (ld) seaches
for libraries in the order /lib and then /usr/lib.  The other is that
the order seems more 'intuitive' - /lib contains the essential libraries
for startup, and thus seems a more natural place to start the search.

I have had a long trawl through glibc (elf sub-dir) sources and cannot
find the code specifically defining the search order.  If anyone happens
to know the piece of code, I'd be interested to know where it is.

QUESTION 2 (Closely related to the previous)

The ldconfig man page isn't precise, but states that in building the
cache (/etc/ld.so.cache) that it searches for libraries :

"in the directories specified on the command line, in the file
/etc/ld.so.conf, and in the trusted directories /usr/lib and /lib"

There is an implied order in this statement, but my testing indicates
the order is this

1. Dirs on cmd line
2. /lib
3. /usr/lib
4. Dirs listed in /etc/ld.so.conf

Can anyone confirm this (and again pointers to the appropriate point in
the source would be handy if anyone has them) or tell me whether it is a
configuration issue?



Michael Kerrisk,
michael.kerrisk (AT) gmx.net

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