/var/sadm/patch "clean" cleanup

/var/sadm/patch "clean" cleanup

Post by Ken MacFarlan » Tue, 09 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Suppose I've got the following in /var/sadm/patch:


and I want to remove "01" and "02".  Is there a "clean" way to do this, other
than just removing the directories?

Thanks in advance...


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1. to "make clean" or not to "make clean"

So I've compiled the kernel, and find that I left out the
support for XX.  I go back and "make menuconfig" and
turn XX support on.  I suppose it makes sense for
me to "make dep", just to make sure the code is there for
my new selection.  But do I have to "make clean"?

My understanding is that "make clean" gets rid of all the object
files that I've previously compiled. But why would I want to
recompile those unaffected by my new selection.  And (magically?)
the objects affected by my change will be recompiled (based on
file timestamps? --not sure how this works).

So I can save a bunch of time leaving off the "make clean".  I've
done it several times.  I've never had a bad experience.  Am I
just lucky?  Please comment.

Dave Brown  Austin, TX

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