sorry for the double post earlier

sorry for the double post earlier

Post by safrohl.. » Fri, 30 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I wasn't paying attention.

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1. vi replace second matching pattern in every line - Help Please sorry for double posting


Can some body help  me to replace the second match of a string in every

line in vi
unix, AIX 5L

Sorry for posting under a different topic.  For some reason its going
under a different topic,  I apologize for this.

Moving a bunch of files from one dir to other

mv /u01/oradata/XXXX/file1  /u01/oradata/XXXX/file1
mv /u01/oradata/XXXX/file2  /u01/oradata/XXXX/file2
mv /u02/oradata/XXXXX/file1a /u02/oradata/XXXXX/file1a
mv /u09/oradata/XXXX/file2a /u09/oradata/XXXX/file2a

I want to replace the 2nd XXXX to YYYYY

Regards & Thanks

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