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i am looking for a fast (/easy) way to detect when someone
strikes a key on the terminal or moves the mouse.

Hermann Angstl


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I reciently got IP Masqurading working between a local LAN and a Cable
Modem using RedHat 5.2.  I came up to the machine tonight and the screen
was full of this message:
"eth0 Interrupted while interupts are masked! isr=0x0 imr=0x0"
Also, both the Cable Modem lights TD and RD lights as well as the LAN
hub Link/Rx lights were flashing full time even though nobody in the
house was on the network and nobody was logged into the linux machine.
I ran "tcpdump" and didn't see much activity at all.  I re-booted to
Windows98 and all the activity went away except for an occasional flash
of the TD light which I have ocme to believe is normal..  Was somebody
breaking into the system?  Was it stuck?  Is there some kind of strange
reaction between my LAN and the linux machine?  Do I have that new LAN
virus I read about?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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